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Q & A with Tony d’Alelio

Tony d’Alelio is a Cave Spring High School graduate who just one year later is performing on the traveling Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast.  He returns to Roanoke on October 2nd to perform for his home town at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre as the castle’s carpet.

RCC: What year did you graduate Cave Spring?Image

Tony: 2012

RCC: Tell me your story, how did you go from Cave Spring to Broadway?

Tony: After I graduated I was taking a semester off from school and I spent that first semester in New York City. I was taking dance classes and voice lessons in the city and auditioning for a ton of shows. Everyday I was up at the crack of dawn going for an audition. After about four weeks on a Saturday morning I went and auditioned for Beauty and the Beast. The audition started with about a hundred guys and by the end of the afternoon it was just me and two others. They sent us on our way and said “we’ll call one of you, you may hear from us in the future”. I didn’t really think about it then that night I went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. I was walking out of the theater and I pulled up my phone and there’s an email that said “Tony we would love to have you in the cast of Beauty and the Beast”. In less than 24 hours my world had flipped totally upside down. I found out on a Saturday. They asked me to pack everything up, and then I had to fly out to tour on Tuesday. I rehearsed Wednesday and Thursday and then they put me on Friday night. It was in less than a week and I was in the show. It was a crazy story cause for the cast everyone who joins are show will have two weeks of rehearsal and it’s a very long process, for me I was just kind of thrown into it. I have been touring with Beauty for a year now and it’s been a blast.

RCC: Wow that’s crazy so literally over night and less than a week later you were on stage. I can’t even imagine if in a week from now I was on tour. Are you excited to be home back in Roanoke?

Tony: I am so excited. It feels like the ultimate homecoming. I have been away on tour and now I get to go home but I also get to perform as well. Also it’s at the RoanokeCivicCenter.

RCC: Did you come and see any shows at the RoanokeCivicCenter when you were growing up?

Tony: I did, I actually saw Beauty and the Beast when it came to Roanoke in 2011, when I was a junior in high school.

RCC: Is there anywhere in Roanoke you have to stop by or eat dinner at?

Tony: Honestly for me having a home cooked meal from my mom is the one thing I want right now.

RCC: Were you heavily involved in the theater department in Cave Spring when you were in school?

Tony: I was. I was involved in the drama club my junior and senior year. I went to the BurtonCenter for the Performing Arts my freshmen and junior year. I was heavily involved over there doing their performance art program. But I think my second half of high school I really threw myself into the drama department at Cave Spring.

RCC: Tell me about the show its self and your role in it, why should someone go see it?

Tony: One, coming to our show is a great time. People fell in love with the animated film Beauty and the Beast. Audiences experience the same exact sensations when they see our show. A lot of people see the word Disney and they think children’s show but the awesome thing about our show especially is it’s a family show and it’s for everyone. My role in it is the carpet as well as the young prince and I am part of the ensemble as well.

RCC: Is your whole family going to come out and see you while you’re in town?

Tony: They are.

RCC: Does that change it for you knowing that your entire family is in the crowd to see you performing in the show?

Tony: I like to keep all of my show regardless of who’s in the audience consistent. It’s going to definitely add more excitement knowing I have friends and family in the audience though.

RCC: Do you have any final or encouraging words for anyone else in the area that might be looking to get into Broadway?

Tony: Not to give up or feel that you can’t do something because everyone always can. Don’t give up and keep getting up the next day. My thing was that I literally woke up everyday and went to an audition or went to as many classes as I could. Ultimately seizing opportunities is my advice.

Show info:
Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre
October 2 @ 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $37, $49.50, $67
Click here to purchase tickets


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