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Q & A with Tony d’Alelio

Tony d’Alelio is a Cave Spring High School graduate who just one year later is performing on the traveling Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast.  He returns to Roanoke on October 2nd to perform for his home town at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre as the castle’s carpet.

RCC: What year did you graduate Cave Spring?Image

Tony: 2012

RCC: Tell me your story, how did you go from Cave Spring to Broadway?

Tony: After I graduated I was taking a semester off from school and I spent that first semester in New York City. I was taking dance classes and voice lessons in the city and auditioning for a ton of shows. Everyday I was up at the crack of dawn going for an audition. After about four weeks on a Saturday morning I went and auditioned for Beauty and the Beast. The audition started with about a hundred guys and by the end of the afternoon it was just me and two others. They sent us on our way and said “we’ll call one of you, you may hear from us in the future”. I didn’t really think about it then that night I went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. I was walking out of the theater and I pulled up my phone and there’s an email that said “Tony we would love to have you in the cast of Beauty and the Beast”. In less than 24 hours my world had flipped totally upside down. I found out on a Saturday. They asked me to pack everything up, and then I had to fly out to tour on Tuesday. I rehearsed Wednesday and Thursday and then they put me on Friday night. It was in less than a week and I was in the show. It was a crazy story cause for the cast everyone who joins are show will have two weeks of rehearsal and it’s a very long process, for me I was just kind of thrown into it. I have been touring with Beauty for a year now and it’s been a blast.

RCC: Wow that’s crazy so literally over night and less than a week later you were on stage. I can’t even imagine if in a week from now I was on tour. Are you excited to be home back in Roanoke?

Tony: I am so excited. It feels like the ultimate homecoming. I have been away on tour and now I get to go home but I also get to perform as well. Also it’s at the RoanokeCivicCenter.

RCC: Did you come and see any shows at the RoanokeCivicCenter when you were growing up?

Tony: I did, I actually saw Beauty and the Beast when it came to Roanoke in 2011, when I was a junior in high school.

RCC: Is there anywhere in Roanoke you have to stop by or eat dinner at?

Tony: Honestly for me having a home cooked meal from my mom is the one thing I want right now.

RCC: Were you heavily involved in the theater department in Cave Spring when you were in school?

Tony: I was. I was involved in the drama club my junior and senior year. I went to the BurtonCenter for the Performing Arts my freshmen and junior year. I was heavily involved over there doing their performance art program. But I think my second half of high school I really threw myself into the drama department at Cave Spring.

RCC: Tell me about the show its self and your role in it, why should someone go see it?

Tony: One, coming to our show is a great time. People fell in love with the animated film Beauty and the Beast. Audiences experience the same exact sensations when they see our show. A lot of people see the word Disney and they think children’s show but the awesome thing about our show especially is it’s a family show and it’s for everyone. My role in it is the carpet as well as the young prince and I am part of the ensemble as well.

RCC: Is your whole family going to come out and see you while you’re in town?

Tony: They are.

RCC: Does that change it for you knowing that your entire family is in the crowd to see you performing in the show?

Tony: I like to keep all of my show regardless of who’s in the audience consistent. It’s going to definitely add more excitement knowing I have friends and family in the audience though.

RCC: Do you have any final or encouraging words for anyone else in the area that might be looking to get into Broadway?

Tony: Not to give up or feel that you can’t do something because everyone always can. Don’t give up and keep getting up the next day. My thing was that I literally woke up everyday and went to an audition or went to as many classes as I could. Ultimately seizing opportunities is my advice.

Show info:
Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre
October 2 @ 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $37, $49.50, $67
Click here to purchase tickets

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Team Green’s Adopt-a-Stream

Four vehicles left the Roanoke Civic Center parking lot at 9:30 this morning and headed toward Wasena Park. Around 12 employees armed with wooden pokers, plastic blue picker-uppers? and bright orange trash bags with matching vests set off to purge the park of any kind of trash we could find.

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Why did we leave our quiet air-conditioned offices to pick up trash, you ask? As part of the Civic Center’s greening initiative, we formed Team Green to lower our impact on the environment and help clean up the community.  Earlier this

Adopt a Street

year, the Civic Center adopted a section of Hershberger Road. Today we focused our efforts on Wasena Park, cleaning up a mile long section of river next to the greenway.

The area was pleasantly clean already. Finding trash was rare, so whenever any was found, it was actually viewed as an accomplishment. Slowly the orange bags filled with the typical beer cans, food wrappers and plastic bags. More “valuable” finds included t-shirts, tennis balls, men’s underwear and a tire.

Even more riveting was our trek through the high grass where we wished we could trade our trash-gathering utensils for machetes. However, our goal was to make the park more visually stimulating, not to slash it down, so we traipsed on anyway. We stuck with the “ignorance is bliss” policy regarding snakes and ticks. They were probably all around us, but we didn’t see them and we wanted to keep it that way.

We hope that all who venture over to Wasena Park experience a clean, refreshing environment. Whether you’re running, biking, fishing or walking the dog (is fishing with a dog legal?), get some exercise and help us enjoy one of Roanoke’s best parks!

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The Zac Brown Band, Blackberry Smoke, and Levi Lowry

The Snow Must Go On… and so must the show! The Zac Brown Band performed at the Roanoke Civic Center on Friday Night! The snow did not stop the crowd from coming! It was a packed house!

Running in and out of the coliseum escorting media during each performer’s act. Photographers from local newspapers and blogs showed up to take pictures for the columns that they would be writing. Each show that visits the Roanoke Civic Center has different rules so, for this particular show, the photographers were only allowed to photograph the first three songs of each act that performed. Unfortunately, I could not see all of Levi Lowry or Blackberry Smoke. However, what I heard while I was in the coliseum was amazing. I was able to watch the rest of The Zac Brown Band‘s performance after the photographers were finished for the night.

I loved all of the songs played Friday night. But my favorite by far was “The Wind.” It was great getting to watch the audience dance and sing. The crowd was absolutely loving each of the performances.  You could definitely feel the positive energy flowing.

If you want to experience an event like this, the Roanoke Civic Center has a list of all the events that are coming up on their calendar! You can also visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on new events! Check it out and we hope to see you there!

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Fired Up For A Cure

In honor of Fire Prevention and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, last Saturday we had Fired Up For A Cure which was a 5K/10K run or walk in support of local firefighters and to advocate the importance of breast cancer awareness. The event turned out to be so much fun. It began with the 5k/10k and after everyone had finished, there was zumba, free food, raffles, a live band and DJ, kids activities and vendors. The weather was also beautiful (although it was super windy), and we ended up being able to spread the word about our upcoming show Veggie Tales Live and even gave away some free tickets. Breast cancer and fire prevention are both things that will affect everyone at some point so it is important to spread word about breast exams, mammograms and fire safety. We are glad that we were able to be a part of this great cause and we thank everyone who came out to make this event a big success!

Check out the Fired Up For A Cure Facebook page to see pictures from last Saturday!

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2012 How YOU Doin? Party!

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This past Wednesday, we held our annual How You Doin’? employee party.  This is a time where everyone gets together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and reflect on the company culture set in place by our management company, Global Spectrum.  For those who want to know what How You Doin’? stands for in our company, it is the base of our Customer Service program.  It is our goal to use this phrase when engaging with our customers to ensure that their experience is as great as it can be.  We strive to follow the How You Doin’? Top 10 Principles in every aspect of our business.

As for the party, we started off the evening with food and games outside on the plaza.  Several games of corn hole were played but the favorite game of the night was the dunking booth.  Joe Dolan, our Assistant General Manager, was brave enough to get in the tank and was dunked several times.  Shortly after the party started, we had to move everything inside due to the rain, but that didn’t stop anyone from having fun.  After everyone finished eating, we took a seat to watch the Annual Report video, which is created to showcase the 2011-2012 year at the Roanoke Civic Center.

At the end of the evening, prizes were given out to several employees to show appreciation for their hard work over the past year.  Employees are able to enter by using How You Doin’? cards earned over the year for exceptional customer service.  Several great prizes included a grill, a television, and even a hot air balloon ride! Lastly, we had a surprise musical act put on by Event Services with a How You Doin’? rendition of the popular song, Purple Rain.  Despite the rain, everyone had a great time.

Have a great weekend!

Heather and A.J.

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Day in the Life a Marketing Intern

Want to know what it is like to be an intern for Global Spectrum at the RoanokeCivicCenter? I’ll just start by saying, it is AWESOME!  Not only is everyone very nice and welcoming here, but as an intern you are able to gain insightful, real world experience in many aspects of marketing.  Most of what I do here cannot be learned in a classroom. 


My day at the RoanokeCivicCenter typically starts off by posting on our social media outlets.  These outlets include Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, Pinterest.  I really enjoy posting on these sites because social media has become an essential way to reach customers.  We often tweet about upcoming events, things going on around Roanoke, and things going on around the building.  On Facebook we are able to create events with show information, post photos, and even hold contests.  As for Pinterest, my job is to pin and create boards that relate to upcoming shows.  Social media is a big part of my day at the RCC.


For every show, we are to create marketing plans that specifically layout how we will promote each show.  From the traditional outlets of radio, television, and print, to the more modern outlets of social media and guerilla marketing, we are to create ideas on how to promote the show using each aspect of marketing.  Creating marketing plans has been a great experience for me because I have been able to learn how much is involved in promoting just one show.


Lastly, one of my favorite things to as an intern is work on market efforts throughout the CivicCenter, SpecialEventsCenter, and the Performing Arts Theatre.  There are several booths and display boards throughout the buildings that provide visitors with information regarding our upcoming shows.  If you like to organize and make appealing displays like I do, this is the job for you.


Not only do I get to do all of these fun activities every time I come to work, but I am able to work in a great environment that allows this all to happen.


Appreciative Intern,


Heather Watson

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My name is Hartless.. A.J. Hartless

Hello All,

My name is A.J. Hartless and I am one of the newest interns with Global Spectrum at the Roanoke Civic Center. I am a senior at Radford University and will be graduating in December. My major is media studies with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Marketing.


First, thank you, Global Spectrum, for the internship and the opportunity to work with such an awesome company. I am very excited about the next couple of months, getting to work with a great venue and gain experience in the marketing field. 

Second, although this may be the slow season for the Roanoke Civic Center, I am sure I will stay busy as there is always something to do. I love advertising and marketing and am glad to finally have a job that allows me to do something I enjoy. 

This will not be the last you hear from me. Enjoy your weekend everyone,

A.J. Hartless

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Blake Shelton, Justin Moore, and Dia Frampton

This past Saturday was the Blake Shelton concert! Amanda and I were able to attend and help out with the media that would be there to take pictures and write about the concert. There were all kinds of fans excited to see Blake Shelton, Dia Frampton, and Justin Moore. People broke out their cowboy hats, boots, and even some teenie-tiny shorts (thank goodness for the warmer weather). The lines for merchandise and food curved around the corner. The hallways were packed right before the doors opened but cleared out a bit once people could get to their seats.

We were in and out of the coliseum escorting media during each performer’s act. Photographers from local newspapers and blogs showed up to take pictures for the columns that they would be writing. Each show that visits the Roanoke Civic Center has different rules so, for this particular show, the photographers were only allowed to take pictures during the second and third song of every act. Unfortunately, Amanda and I weren’t able to stay and watch Justin and Dia but were able to watch the rest of Blake’s performance after the photographers were done for the night. We got lucky though because during one of our trips through the coliseum, Amanda and I ran into Dia Frampton in the hallway! She was taking pictures with everyone who wanted one so we had to stop (of course). Dia was incredibly sweet and so inviting. This was certainly one of the highlights of the night.

Blake Shelton was awesome. He was full of good jokes and great music. Amanda and I were already huge fans of him prior to the show. We each follow him on Twitter (@blakeshelton) and adore him and his wife, Miranda Lambert (@Miranda_Lambert). I loved every one of his songs but particularly enjoyed “Austin” and “Honeybee”. It was amusing to watch the audience dance and sing to all his hits. It was even more amusing to watch a man take off his shirt and swing it like a lasso above his head! The crowd was absolutely loving each of the performances and you could feel the positive energy radiate through the coliseum.

It was an enjoyable night and I’m glad Amanda and I were able to help out. I am now looking forward to the Harlem Globetrotters!

What was your favorite part of the show Saturday?

Have a great week,


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Successful Monster Jam & VA Hunt Fest Weekend

Hello everyone!

I hope each of you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. If you attended the Roanoke Civic Center these past couple days, I know you had just as much, or maybe even more fun, than I did! Monster Jam, Hunt Fest, and the Elton John on sale were a huge success and so exciting!

Monster Jam took place Friday and Saturday in the Coliseum. The atmosphere was wild and the crowd couldn’t have been more pumped for this highly anticipated show. It was so popular, the night performance on Saturday was sold out! Multiple trucks competed in the show: Grave Digger, Superman, War Wizard, El Toro Loco, and Grinder being a few. Friday night’s racing winner was the crowd favorite: Grave Digger but Saturday at 2 PM it was War Wizard and Saturday at 7:30 PM it was Superman. Grave Digger was also the freestyle winner for all three shows. Some fans were lucky enough to be able to venture out onto the track Saturday morning, visiting the cars and drivers at the “Pit Party”. As Amanda and I said Friday, we were able to go down on the track before the show and it was an amazing experience. The trucks are MUCH bigger when you stand next to them and put them in perspective. We hung around late that night to catch some of the show and it was awesome to see the trucks flying in the air… although it was very loud. Some of the families with little kids had to leave because they were too scared. We managed to brave it to see the incredible competition. If you’re interested in finding out more in-depth details regarding the shows, you can find them on Monster Jam’s official website.If you had an amazing time this past weekend or are bummed you missed out, tickets for next year’s show are on sale today.

The Virginia Hunt Fest was also equally a huge success. Lines formed outside early on Saturday morning before the opening at 10 AM. The variety of vendors and sights proved to be enjoyable to the large, diverse crowd. There were instructors speaking about fishing tips, archery, and “from the kill to the grill.” A big guest was Michael Waddell from Bone Collector. Visitors were also able to get $1 off their ticket to Monster Jam by attending. Amanda and I went and explored on Friday but didn’t return the rest of the weekend. We got some funny t-shirts and pretty jewelry; very girly of us to go to an event based around hunting and leave with jewelry. We were happy though! 🙂

The last event of the weekend was the on sale of Elton John tickets. People began lining up outside the box office at 12 AM. The group ranged in age: young children, college students, and seniors all were present to get their hands on some tickets. Some sections were sold more quickly than others but, lucky for you, there are still some available. Elton John will be here Thursday, March 15. I can’t wait to see this show. It seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. My mom was a little surprised that I cared since I’m pretty young but who doesn’t want to see the Rocket Man?!

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. I hope some of you were able to come out and take part in one of the events that the Roanoke Civic Center hosted. This coming weekend we have the Kazim Temple Shrine Circus Thursday – Sunday in the Coliseum. This is another great chance to attend and experience a riveting event with family and friends. I think I might cry out of excitement because I get to meet one of the show’s elephants. Besides manatees, they are my absolute FAVORITE! Expect lots of pictures and lots of laughing, crying, smiling, etc. Hopefully Amanda will be able to help me control my emotions.

Here’s a few pictures below to help you get a small taste of this past weekend.

Have a wonderful week and prepare yourself for more scintillating blog posts by the other interns and myself,


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Were you able to attend any events from this past weekend? Tell us how it was!

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Virginia Hunt Fest & Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam

Natalie in the collapsible tent at the VA Hunt Fest.

A short introduction about two of your spring 2012 interns:

Amanda Howard is a current senior at Radford University graduating in May 2012 with a major Media Studies with a concentration in Advertising.

Natalie Suprise is current senior at Virginia Tech graduating in May 2012 with a major in Marketing and a minor in International Business.

Virginia Hunt Fest

Today is the first day that Virginia Hunt Fest is open in the Special Events Center (SEC) at the Roanoke Civic Center. There’s a variety of vendors and activities for all ages: clowns, exotic animal encounters, jewelry, bird feeders, along with the traditional hunting gear and supplies. Come hang out in a tree stand or check out the new RVs. Virginia Hunt Fest will be open today (until 8 PM), Saturday (10 AM – 8 PM), and Sunday (10 AM – 5 PM). Today Amanda and I took some time out of our busy, busy schedule to enjoy some retail therapy and the wilderness offered in the SEC. The vendors were friendly and the atmosphere offered a little bit of southern charm.

Amanda with The Grave Digger!

In the middle of the Coliseum.

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam

Tonight kicks off the beginning of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam! They’ll only be here for three shows so make sure you don’t miss it. The Coliseum is buried under dirt anticipating The Grave Digger’s triumph over the junkyard souls. With tires just over five feet tall, the trucks are ready to rev their engines and get tonight going! Bring your ear plugs and get ready for a wild ride. Shows are tonight at 7:30 PM and tomorrow at 2 PM and 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at the Roanoke Civic Center box office but they’re running out quickly. We faced the fierce trucks earlier today and got a feel for how huge these monsters really are. Here’s a couple of snapshots for all you newbies (just like us).

Here's Amanda! Look how big those tires are!

Did you end up going to one of the events? What was memorable about Virginia Hunt Fest and/or Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam? Leave your comments on the message board below.

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